I'm a Flared-Jeans Addict—Here's How to Make Them Look Modern in 2019

If you're anything like me, you own over 20 pairs of jeans, yet in reality, you only wear two of them. That's definitely my experience when it comes to denim, and sadly, a rather large proportion of my drawer goes unworn. I'm working on it, okay?

However, the two items I do wear are pretty great, and it may surprise you to know that one of them is flared jeans. It took me a while to get on board with the retro appeal of this '70s staple (I blame the dubious flares-with-Vans pairings I wore as a teen), but ever since I've embraced the smart-casual dress code of working in an office (albeit a fashion-focused one), I've been hooked.

When worn with heeled boots, they can make your legs look 10 times longer, especially when combined with a high waistline and a tucked-in blouse. They also feel that little bit more polished than my other denim offerings, and they harmonise better with the likes of tailored blazers and shirts. Also, for any '70s-style obsessive, they can add that little retro edge you so often crave.

It looks like the fashion industry agrees, as flared jeans have been all over our feeds this autumn. So put those mom jeans on ice for this season and give this throwback style a try. Not sure where to start? I've rounded up five autumn-ready outfits that nail the flared denim silhouette. Scroll down to see and shop the looks.

1. Vintage-Style Knit + Mock-Croc Bag
How to wear flared jeans 2019: Monikh Dale



Style Notes: There are so many cosy knits around this season, and flares are a great way to balance our their chunky silhouette. Add a mock-croc bag for extra throwback points.

2. Black Jeans + Colour-Pop Knit
How to wear flared jeans 2019: Joy Montgomery



Style Notes: If you're looking for a more smart spin on the trend, opt for a pair of black flares and style with a colour-pop knit and statement jacket. 

3. Patent Coat + Heeled Boots
How to wear flared jeans 2019: Nnenna Echem



Style Notes: If you fancy throwing yourself head-first into the '70s vibes, make like Nnenna and try a high-shine patent jacket with dark denim and heeled boots. 

4. Animal-Print Blazer + Silver Boots
How to wear flared jeans 2019: Megan Ellaby



Style Notes: Flares also lend themselves to a more impactful finish, as seen in Megan Ellaby's outfit. An animal-print blazer makes for a winning combination with her bright blue jeans. 

5. Smart Shirt + Patchwork Jeans
How to wear flared jeans 2019: Anne Laure Mais



Style Notes: For a more Parisian spin, just strip it back to basics à la Anne-Laure and throw on a classic blue shirt. She does, however, manage to keep things interesting with patchwork detailing on her jeans.

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