11 Ways to Do Double Denim and Not Feel Like a Fool

You might think you know how to do double denim—a pair of jeans and a matching shirt, right?—but the classic Canadian tuxedo has just adopted an outgoing (and rather European) alter ego for 2018. The combination to be seen in now still revolves around a pair of jeans (in fact, any jean style is acceptable, including white jeans), but the update lies in the new twist on both the top and bottom half.

Rather than a simple button-down, new-wave jean freaks are eschewing blouses and tees altogether and selecting true-blue denim jackets instead, only to button them up, push or slouch them off shoulders and reveal a slice of collarbone. As for the bottom half, it's all about new, interesting styles. Sure, you can still go for the straight-leg, raw-edge jeans, but why not a cropped pair or culottes? There are so many ways to mess around with the double-denim look this year.

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Elinor Block.