The Most Polarising Shoe in History Can Actually Work in 2017

Full disclaimer: I'm a full supporter of the "ugly" shoe. I freely admit that I enjoy sliders, a chunky pair of Birkenstocks and even flatform sandals. And yes, I have even been known to wear a pair of glittery socks with them on really special occasions, much to the chagrin of my friends when I turn up to the pub in said footwear.

So you can imagine how happy I was when Christopher Kane sent his models down the runway back in September wearing bejewelled Crocs. They prompted a spectrum of emotional outbursts on social media: Some forward thinkers (see Pandora Sykes's Instagram post) were instantly on board with the designer's vision, while others wrote the idea off straight away. Either way, for £275, the polarising footwear could be mine.

Now, while I've never purchased a pair of the original shoes (arguably the ugliest of the "ugly"), I had no choice but to try out the far more decadent version for myself.

Proof of my "ugly" shoe love:
How to wear crocs: ugly shoe proof



Armed with a pair of the marbled grey Christopher Kane Crocs and three different outfits, I decided to see just how wearable they could be. Whether or not you think they work is up to you. Keep scrolling to see the Crocs in action.

Crocs + Suit Trousers
How to wear crocs: crocs and suit trousers


Emma Spedding

On Elinor Block: Topshop jumper and trousers; Christopher Kane Stone-Embellished Crocs Clogs (£275).

I don't work in a "normal" office as such, so I can pretty much wear what I like to work. With that being said, suit trousers often feature in my wardrobe as they're smart. However, to make sure I don't look too corporate, I'll wear a pair of trainers (usually Converse) with them. Does it work with Crocs? I'd say yes… but not if you're attending meetings with people who don't work in fashion.

Crocs + Jeans + Tulle Dress
How to wear crocs: Crocs + jeans + tulle dress


Emma Spedding

On Elinor Block: Uniqlo roll-neck; Topshop Tulle Tunic (£22); Zara jeans; Christopher Kane Stone-Embellished Crocs Clogs (£275).

I don't wear tulle dresses. In fact, I don't really wear dresses whatsoever, so the combination of a tulle dress, jeans and a roll-neck was an ambitious outfit, I'll admit. But I actually quite liked it. It might be a little artsy, but honestly, if you're going for Crocs, you really need to go for them.

Crocs + Joggers + Cashmere Jumper
How to wear crocs: Crocs + joggers + cashmere jumper


Emma Spedding

On Elinor Block: Zara jogging trousers; Iris & Ink Cashmere Wrap Cardigan (£180); Christopher Kane Stone-Embellished Crocs Clogs (£275).

One thing that became abundantly clear is that the key to wearing Crocs is to keep it simple. A pair of black joggers and a cashmere jumper is easily the number one way to make Crocs look chic. And yes, this look will be going to the pub.

After my small trial, I'm sold. But to be honest, from the moment I saw them on the catwalk—they had to be mine. However, there is one vital piece of information that everyone should know and remember: They are incredibly comfortable. I mean, they are a true holiday for your feet. Slightly bouncy underfoot, tapping into fashion's obsession with shoes that are so over the top you don't even need other accessories… What's not to love?

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Opening Image: Pandora Sykes