How to Style Classic Items Depending on Your Personal Taste

Upon scanning my entire closet, a fashion psychologist once told me I didn't wear jeans because I probably felt they were "too boring" for my own wardrobe. She was right, but I was wrong. I used to think—almost out of fear—that by avoiding the inclusion of classics into my repertoire I was upholding my own, unique style. However, these chic pieces have become fashion pillars for a reason (there are decades and decades of images to prove it), and as your tastes mature it's likely you'll start to rely on them not only for ease but also for looking timeless… I certainly have.

So as I'm sure I'm not the first girl to think that a biker jacket just isn't for her, or that I'm too smartly dressed to consider sneakers outside of the gym, here are some completely different girls wearing them same items in their very individual ways. These items really can be moulded and shaped to suit personal tastes more easily than one may think. Scroll down to see how you can make these key classics for work you…

Style Notes: If you think black biker jackets are solely for the use of Parisians and, well, biker chicks, think again. They can be used in slick, head-to-toe black ensembles as easily as they can be paired with a super-cute bouclé tweed dress. As always, the more battered in the better—so wears yours as much as you want.

Images: Style du Monde

Style Notes: This is one piece that can be worn by corporate lawyers as easily as a street style guru—so it should never be overlooked. More capable of being casual than its white counterparts, there are 101 ways you can wear a blue button-down—Including back-to-front and asymmetrically—without ever even needing to buy a new one.

Images: Style du Monde

Style Notes: Plain white trainers have become a shorthand way to make any outfit look more understated (even Victoria Beckham agrees), but they've also just become the norm. Tomboys will no doubt love them with jeans, but girly girls can use them to great effect with pretty skirts and dresses.

Images: Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Style Notes: Not only do these marinières come in varying colourways, fabric weights and cuts, there are multiple styling avenues you can stroll down. Make one look completely different in the change of a jacket (we're particularly partial to blazers and bombers right now), use them for some alternative layering, or simply as a safe replacement on days where a grey marl just doesn't cut the mustard.

Images: Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images; Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images

Style Notes: This denim style has made a triumphant return from fashion Siberia and savvy types have been experimental with its proportions: If you feel confident, wear this style with flat boots and minimalist pieces, but if you're looking for a leg-lengthening look, cut off the hems and elevate with heels.

Images: Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Style Notes: Yves Saint Laurent knew exactly what he was onto when he introduced Le Smoking tuxedo suit for women way back in the '70s. They are now worn for all occasions and by all women, who style the suit in many ways from slick and grown-up with heels and a shirt to kicked-back and youthful with a tee and sneaks.

Images: Kirstin Sinclair/Getty Images; Melodie Jeng/Getty Images

Feeling inspired to go classic? Then see how you can weave them into your off-duty looks from this bumper gallery of casual street style outfits.

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