This No-Cost Shirt Styling Trick Will Do Wonders for Your Wardrobe

When it comes to the button-down shirt, we like to think of ourselves as being on an endless quest for fresh ways to style it. Whether it’s wearing it tugged down on your shoulders like Leandra Medine, tied in a knot on one side à la Pernille Teisbaek, or even underneath (and poking out the bottom of) a miniskirt—suffice it say, we’ve seen it all. Almost.

Recently, we spotted a small handful of stylish images of women wearing their shirts with only the top button buttoned, leaving the rest of the shirt to form a slight opening to whatever was worn beneath. Genius! Not only is this tip great for the remainder of summer’s warmest months (hello, lacy bralette), but it also works as a smart layering trick for autumn. Stick a graphic tee or lightweight sweater underneath, and you’ve got a dynamic outfit ready and waiting. See below to check out our inspiration images, and shop a few of our favourite shirts to get the trend going for autumn.