You Should Never Chuck Out These Classic Jeans—We've Got Proof

There's a big debate about how to wear boyfriend jeans—yes, the relaxed style that dominated your teenage wares—and it goes very much like this: Should you wear heels or flats? And as for tops? Some argue that to counteract the looser fit, you should opt for something more fitted to elevate the denim to a more sophisticated look. Others say that you should embrace the slouchy style and choose a chunky knit and kicks.

Much like skinnies, we imagine that a pair of slouchy blues are lurking in your wardrobe. But thanks to other styles getting more attention (straight legs or cropped flares, for example), perhaps they haven't been your go-to for some time. But when you look at some recent street style pictures, we've noticed other girls haven't been so quick to ditch them. Turns out there are plenty of top fashion influencers who can't get enough of the slightly oversized, low-slung silhouette of these '00s jeans. Further proof that you shouldn't give up on them.

The key to making these jeans look the 2019 part lies in the styling. You need to think beyond the T-shirt box. Instead, use trend-leg pieces to elevate these jeans to cool new heights. Handily, we've found six prime examples of said styling to inspire you…

Style Notes: Ladylike accessories such as a hairband and slingback shoes helps to give Lotta's jeans an elegant overhaul. Chic indeed. 

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans: Kicki Yang wears her boyfriend jeans with a crop top and white trainers



Style Notes: Pay homage to '00s jeans by styling them with a bra top and skater chain. It's what Britney Spears would want. 

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans: Monikh Dale wears boyfriend jeans with chunky sole shoes and a cashmere knit



Style Notes: The trend for chunky-sole shoes continues into autumn 2019. Try turning up the hems of your slouchy jeans to show them off, and then finish your ensemble with a French-tucked knit.

Style Notes: Lighter denim is all the rage this summer. Play on the pastel tone by wearing them with a candy-hued vest top and on-trend white accessories. 

Style Notes: A key summer 2019 trend is the milkmaid top, though we don't think we've seen it look cooler than when styled with relaxed denim and Dr Martens. 

How to Wear Boyfriend Jeans: Sylvie Must-Have wears boyfriend jeans with a tailored blazer



Style Notes: The easiest way to make most outfits look more polished is to throw a sharp blazer over the top. This combination of oversized jeans, a simple T-shirt and black accessories is certainly no exception to this rule. 

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