Move Over, Pink, Yellow and Green—This Is the #1 Colour Right Now

Pink, yellow and green have been the "Instagram colours" of 2018 so far, however, all that has changed, as cheery powder blue is one of the key shades for autumn/winter. This time of year, we usually stick to a colour palette of exclusively conker browns, burnt oranges and moody greys, but sky blue is promising to make things a little brighter.

So how do you wear this dreamy shade? Thanks to the Instagram crowd, we have plenty of styling inspiration and an ever-growing shopping list. Ganni's sky-blue mohair jumpers and cardigans are at the top of our new-season wish list, along with a pair of blue Veja trainers and a Cinderella-esque party dress. Keep scrolling to see how to wear blue this season, and then shop our edit of the best pieces.