Here's How to Wear Your Black Staples All Summer Long

The thought of wearing black clothes in the summer probably fills most with sweaty dread. But ever since we discovered that it's actually better to wear them in the summer (the colour absorbs heat, which is more cooling than white garments), we've been feeling pretty smug about our dedication to a near-gothic wardrobe. 

It's not that we don't like bright hues; it's just that darker clothes tend to be a go-to in the UK, what with all that rain and very few very hot days. So what do you do when you have a lot of favourite black pieces but you don't want to look like that moody teenager who's been forced to go on a family holiday?

Essentially, this is all about wearing the right fabrics—leather is pretty much a no-go (you don't want to end up in a leather pants situation à la Ross Geller). Anything too heavy or clingy is going to make you look and geel uncomfortable, so instead opt for cotton, linen in lightweight finishes such a super-summery broderie anglaise, and wear them with your favourite chunky black heels. Don't be afraid to flash a bit of shoulder or leg either to really ensure that your outfit is summer-ready. 



Collage Vintage

British Vogue's Sarah Harris has often been seen wearing jet-black pieces in the height of summer.

We're not the only advocates of the darker summer wardrobe. Super-chic designer Catherine Quin—who always makes sure everything in her collection comes in black—is also a fan of wearing black in the heat and says, "The ease and effortlessness of wearing all black work well with the laid-back feelings of summer. What could be chicer than a black slip dress on the beach?" We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

Of course, the fashion set isn't immune to this way of thinking and dressing either, with many opting for black summer dresses and pool slides when attending late-summer shows instead of pretty florals and delicate strappy heels. We've hunted down some of the most summery looks that allow you to wear your favourite items in your closet. 

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