9 Non-Boring Ways to Wear Beige Now

There was a time when beige was synonymous with all things bland and boring. Needless to say, it was never thought of as a hue that would make a head-turning statement. Fast forward to 2020 and the nude hue has fast become one of the fashion world’s favorite colors, thanks in large part to its extensive and consistent presence on the runways for the past few seasons.

From cream and camel to tan and taupe to biscuit and oatmeal, 50 shades of beige have been seen in full force on our feeds and on the streets, with fashion insiders styling the color in full head-to-toe tonal looks.

So how do we wear beige right now to make it feel fresh, exciting, and, quite frankly, not dull? The key to keeping the look modern is to wear the color palette from head-to-toe, mixing several shades of neutral tones within your outfit. Play with textures within your outfit (think mock croc, leather, cashmere, etc.) as well as volume and length (think tailored shorts and long trench coats). Scroll below for plenty of chic ways to keep your beige outfit interesting and exciting this season.

Mix Various Shades of Beige Within Your Oufit

Add interest to your look by opting for a head-to-toe tonal look and mix varying shades of beige within your outfit. Taupe trousers, a camel sweater, and off-white accessories make for one unquestionably chic look.

The most popular way to wear beige right now among the fashion set is with a relaxed yet polished suit or tailored separates—preferably with multiple layers (think turtlenecks and shirts) or under an overcoat to create a bold and powerful look that's anything but boring.

Add Leather to Your Look

If there's one easy way to add a fashion-forward look to your all-beige outfit, it's with the addition of a leather item. Whether it's a leather shirt paired with wide-leg trousers or leather shorts paired with a blazer, the luxe-looking fabric will give your ensemble a fresh and modern look.

Enliven Your Ensemble With Statement Accessories

An all-beige outfit screams for statement accessories to liven up the neutral hue. Metallics are a trendy, eye-catching option to contrast with the muted color. Try a chunky chain-link necklace and a high-shine purse.

One of the key ways to keep your beige outfit from looking boring is to infuse different textures within your ensemble. Think leather, satin, chunky knits, suede—all of which will elevate and invigorate the neutral.

Choose Pieces With Unique Details

When assembling your all-beige outfit, think about statement pieces that have the ability to jazz up your look in an instant, such as an oversize pointed-collared shirt over a beige blazer. Seriously cool.

Play With Lengths

We've touched on mixing textures and tones, but playing with proportion and length is also another surefire way to keep your beige look from looking boring. Try a long trench over trending knee-length shorts for a compelling look.


Thoughtful layering will give an all beige-outfit a refined and sophisticated look. Start with a tissue-thin turtleneck and layer a button-down shirt, waistcoat, or blazer over it. Finish with a chic overcoat. 

When all else fails, a statement beige jacket or coat will always save the day. Look for classics with unique sartorial twists such as a camel trench coat with puff sleeves. 

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