Someone Cool Just Showed Us How to Look Good in Ballet Pumps Again

I vividly remember when ballet pumps were at their peak. It was around 2007, and I was incredibly jealous that my flat feet couldn't keep them on while my new fashion colleagues around me (I was an intern at the time) were all leggy, elegant creatures being important in classic flats and short skirts with trophy jackets, inspiring me to dress that little bit smarter the next day.

You could argue Kate Moss started it all in the mid-noughties; in any case, the classically French shoes eventually became ubiquitous and badly copied by myriad cheap brands and they fell out of favour. There's still something that looks wrong about many fast-fashion ballet flats: I often think it's in the overly rounded toe or the stiff-looking trim you just know is asking for blisters. Anyway, I digress. What you need to know is that ballet pumps are back on the horizon, and we've got some inside intel on how to make them look current again.