How to Style a Watch With Any Outfit

Watches are a lot like rings in that if you wear them, you probably rarely take yours off. But while you may play favorites with your go-to piece, there's an art to learning how to style a watch so that it looks not just functional but enviable as well.

For inspiration, look to fashion week street style, where you'll see outfits as casual as jeans and a tee and as fancy as head-to-toe Chanel accessorized with cool timepieces. Layered with piles of mismatched bracelets, complemented with a statement cuff, or worn solo on an otherwise bare arm, they lend a classic touch to any look. 

Whether you prefer polished gold or silver, timeless leather, or a colorful canvas band, see how to wear a watch like a fashion pro—and shop a few of our favorite styles.

Coordinate your watch with your rings for a cohesive jewelry look.

Team a menswear-inspired button-down with a more substantial watch design for a look that's classic and tailored.

Wear a vintage-inspired watch with prints and bohemian elements.

Let a silver watch pop against a monochromatic outfit.

how to wear a watch with any outfit


Sandra Semburg

A classic jacket like this deserves equally classic accessories.

how to wear a watch with any outfit


Sandra Semburg

Draw extra attention to your wrist with a single rolled-up sleeve.

how to wear a watch with any outfit


Sandra Semburg

From the jumble of bracelets to the tee and sundress, this ensemble is all in the layering.

The name says it all. This watch is a classic.

No matter how many time zones you cross, this watch will always update to keep you on the right time.

The square face is a nod to vintage watch designs.

This soft blush shade is perfect for spring and summer.

No one does clean design quite like the Danish.

This one adds a sporty element to just about any look.

Mix this petite watch in with other gold bracelets.

It's not often we see a watch designed as creatively as this.

If this doesn't convince you to stop relying on your iPhone alone to tell time, we don't know what will.

The mother-of-pearl face is particularly elegant.

The soft gray band and rose-gold hardware will go with just about everything.

This post was published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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