Trust Me—I'm an Editor: There Are Ways to Wear a Trench Coat Now and Not Freeze

As fashion editors, unsurprisingly, we're the go-to sources of information for our friends and family when it comes to anything style-related. Whether it's a dress for a big date or simply the perfect white tee, we've addressed every question you could imagine. This inspired us to create a new series, Trust Me—I'm an Editor, which allows you, the reader, to get in on the action. What sartorial dilemmas are you facing right now? What problem can we apply our extensive shopping knowledge to? You can shoot us questions via Instagram or our Facebook shopping group, So... Should I Buy This? Don't be shy—we know you want to.

One question we were asked on our shopping group this week was "Can I wear a trench coat yet?" To answer this question, I looked at the street style pictures from New York Fashion Week, wherein the middle of a snowstorm, editors and street style stars are wearing trenches and don't look blue. Four stylish but sensible looks stood out to me, and luckily they all use clever tricks to make your trench warm enough for February. It's all about artful layering using chunky knitwear, knee-high boots and hidden thermals. Keep scrolling to see how New Yorkers are wearing trench coats in the snow; then shop each look.

1. Pair an Oversized Trench With All Black 

Style Notes: Libby Jane Page makes her orange trench coat wintry by pairing it with black boots and a black jumper.

2. Wear Chunky Knits Underneath, and Belt Your Trench

How to wear a trench coat when it is cold: Eva Chen in beige outfit



Style Notes: Eva Chen made her light trench coat more winter-ready by wearing a thin jumper underneath and fastening it with a leather belt.

3. Upgrade to a Vinyl Trench Coat for Extra Warmth

Style Notes: Upgrade your thin cotton trench to a vinyl mac, which we find are the cosiest coats around.

4. Loop a Chunky Jumper Over Your Shoulders

How to wear a trench coat when it is cold: beige coat and slip skirt



Style Notes: Vanessa Hong's classic beige trench coat looks amazing with olive and pistachio. Wrap a jumper around your shoulders for extra warmth.

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