How to Wear a Scarf: Your 9 New Styling Twists for Nowness

Scarves. The street style set can't get enough of them. In fact, everyone can't get enough of them. I personally have a stash pushing 50, which is sufficient to get started on my plans to open a sizeable scarf museum.

The reason you've probably got more scarves than anything else in your wardrobe? Their versatility knows no bounds. From holiday turban to faux roll-neck, makeshift bandeau to, well, just an actual scarf for when you feel a chill in the air, there are 101 things you can do with these simple foulards. They are by far one of the safest buys every season and every shopping trip.

What's not always so safe is how to tie or wear your scarf when the sartorial mood changes. Think it's all about a double-wrap with the ends hanging loose? No, we're afraid not. Does a skinny scarf still cut it? Yes, but you may need to consider wearing it around your waist rather than your neck. You see, the tides of scarf-styling have changed yet again, so we roamed around Instagram to find you a crop of pitch-perfect references.

So go through the gallery to see the latest ways to wear your scarf (or hundreds of scarves), and then shop from some new-in styles, just in case.