There Are Precisely 8 Stylish Ways to Wear Your Winter Scarf

Rather than being based on what you actually own, or how much you can constantly afford to buy, looking truly stylish does comes down to styling. It's those little (often free) details that can shift from year to year, or season to season, and therefore it's good to stay on top of them. Like, how you tuck a shirt in. Or combine a blazer with jeans. What length your skinny jean hems sit at. How to wear your scarf. And the latter is what we're here to talk about today because after a relatively mild winter things are feeling glacial, and it's time our trusty knitted and woolen scarves were allowed out of hibernation. 

I don't believe there's a need to purchase a new scarf unless yours somehow doesn't fulfill its purpose of keeping you warm (in which case, a mystery!), but there are new ways to wear this cold-weather staple to make it feel oh-so-2019. For inspiration, we've looked to influencers who are embracing what winter wardrobes have to offer and taking outfit pictures outside, complete with that final flourish—an artfully wrapped, knotted, looped, draped, caped or belted scarf.

There are more advanced options should you want to be truly dedicated to a "look" as well as simple scarf-styling ideas that you'll probably be already doing automatically—only now you just get a big fat fashion seal of approval. We're feeling warmer, and chicer, already.

How to wear a scarf: Jeanette Madsen wearing a rainbow jumper with a striped scarf over one shoulder



Loop around the neck once and leave one long end draped forward, with the other over one shoulder—and you have a very chic, streamlined effect. Extra points if you have a matching jumper, like Jeanette.

How to wear a scarf: a camel blanket scarf over a matching beige coat



This also works well with larger scarves where you can create a gap between your neck and the swooshed front of the scarf—great if you tend to overheat or are wearing a roll-neck (or necklace you'd like to show off).

How to wear a scarf: Jessie Bush wearing a red logo scarf with a camel coat



Less of a keeping-you-warm move and more of a look-at-my-new-scarf option, simply throw your favourite scarf over a coat or jumper and leave it open.

There's something particularly rich-looking about this move, especially when in soft neutral tones like Lorna's combination here.

How to wear a scarf: a printed headscarf knotted at the neck and worn with a brown coat



Not to be done with a chunky woolen scarf, but very useful for keeping your ears and head toasty in the colder months, a silk (or other fabric) foulard knotted around your chin has come back into fashion. Linda's Rika scarf is inspired by Jackie O—how chic.

How to wear a scarf: a Dior logo headscarf worn with a wide-rim hat on top



It's not for the fashion-shy, perhaps, so if you're more adventurous, check out Hanna Mw and her headscarf styling nous.

How to wear a scarf: a cobalt blue scarf worn with a navy coat, white skinny jeans and red boots



Perhaps the easiest and most natural of them all, here's the classic wrap-around-the-neck move, leaving the two ends of your scarf dangling at the front.

How to wear a scarf: a green knitted scarf with a printed coatigan and layers



If you've got an extra-long scarf, wrap it around your neck twice for a doubly cold-fighting barrier.

How to wear a scarf: a lilac jumper tied into a scarf and worn with jeans and high heels



Not technically a scarf, but acting up as one, many girls are using this double-jumper trick as a neat/cosy styling trick for winter.

Some jumpers come with scarves attached, but you can easily replicate this with a couple of tonally-matched affordable knits from, say, Uniqlo.

How to wear a scarf: a pink trouser suit worn with a jacquard scarf cape



Got a scarf bigger than the square footage of your flat? Then you'll want to simply drape it over your shoulders as a cape, rather than wrap it around and feel like the Michelin man.

how to wear a scarf: a patterned cape coat worn with black trousers and ankle boots



Cape-scarves work particularly well with trousers and suiting—add them to a dress and they can look a little boho 2004.

How to wear a scarf: a Burberry checked scarf worn with a camel coat and Chanel bag



Proving to be a popular scarf style choice among the Scandi set, this styling move is essentially the same as the wraparound, only you're using a square-shaped scarf, which means a triangle forms at the front.

How to wear a scarf: a printed foulard silk scarf worn with a tan leather jacket and cord trousers



Very chic with lighter weight options, like Mette's printed silk scarf here.

How to wear a scarf: a belted Burberry logo scarf worn over a black coat



Want to make a real statement? Then this is the scarf styling trick to replicate: Fasten a one-sided statement jumbo-scarf in place with a belt.

How to wear a scarf: a belted striped scarf worn over a camel coat


Getty Images

It adds interest to a worn-out winter coat, as well as reining in a roomier, oversized silhouette with a bit of waist nipping.

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