The Most Flattering Miniskirt Formulas on Planet Fashion

Over the last few years, a subtle alchemy has occurred, both in my personal wardrobe and the wardrobes of fashion editors across the globe. From season to season, month to month, hemlines have gradually been making their way southwards, creeping past the thigh and heading towards the knee. Fast-forward to autumn/winter 2018 and it seems as though everyone is wearing midis and maxis with a large proportion of the high-street's dresses and skirts stopping mid-calf.

The hemline index theory states that hemlines tend to rise and fall with stock prices, so perhaps it isn't such a coincidence considering the current state of affairs (we're looking at you Brexit). Whichever way you look at it, it seems as though the poor miniskirt has well and truly been sidelined in recent seasons.

While I'm generally on board with this development, I have also been experiencing slight midi fatigue, and, in turn, pangs of nostalgia for the miniskirt (which was, incidentally, the bedrock of my teen wardrobe). But I still have reservations… How do you make it look as grown-up and sophisticated as longer styles? If the below influencers are anything to go by, it's entirely possible.

On our travels, we discovered that the number one way to make the mini look chic is via a skirt suit (see Hanna Stefansson's outfit below). It's flattering, easy to wear and ideal for layering up for winter. We have also fallen for Stephanie Broek's ode to the denim miniskirt, which she styles with space-age metallic boots and a black roll-neck. Easy, right?

Scroll down to see the five most flattering miniskirt formulas to try this December. All we're going to say is, don't knock it until you've tried it.