4 Outfits to Make You Love Your Leather Skirt All Over Again

How to wear a leather skirt? Well, it all starts with choosing the style and finish that most suits your taste. But there's also getting over the hurdle of assuming a leather skirt is limited to your winter wardrobe, only to be paired with ankle boots and opaque tights. Recently we've noticed four particular looks that prove a leather skirt can be an amazing year-around staple—so that helps you overcome any concerns you may have had about this item's seasonality.

When it comes to leather, this is the year to play with adventurous styling, as proven by our favourite influencers, who are opting for red leather and vinyl skirts instead of simple black. As stylist Kate Foley demonstrates, if you opt for the right silhouette and style it up in a demure way, a red leather skirt can be surprisingly elegant.

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