6 Chic Ways to Style Up the Humble Hoodie

How to wear a hoodie? It's something you could be forgiven for not knowing, despite the fact that athleisure has become a mainstay over the past year or so. Sneakers came first, followed by super-flattering side-stripe pants and leggings, but the hooded sweatshirt? So many bad associations are to blame for its slightly later arrival to the fashion spotlight, but thanks to a host of celebrity backers (namely Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner) and a truckload of street style stars, there are now more answers than ever to the aforementioned question.

So how best to negotiate styling and avoid looking like you're nipping out to the shops? Be sure to steer clear of velour (unless you're feeling particularly like unleashing your inner '00s girl, which isn't always a bad thing), opt for polished accessories wherever possible to elevate your look, and when in doubt, channel a minimal aesthetic, and lean on a classic marl grey hoodie. You can never go wrong with a simple colour palette.

Scroll below for our guide on how to wear a hoodie, as well as the shopping pieces you'll need for each look.