The 7 Coolest* Ways to Wear a Headscarf (*Instructions Included)

There’s no one way to wear a headscarf: In fact, we’ve counted at least seven stylish knotting, tying and looping techniques that you may want to explore, should this be your next styling mountain to climb. And there are plenty of reasons as to why you may suddenly be feeling some foulard-related urges: Balenciaga put neat little matchy-matchy headscarves on the runway for autumn/winter. MSGM adopted the accessory, too—only you won’t expect the way either brand decided to style them.

Street stylers have also been experimenting, crafting elaborate turbans for nights out, and perfecting their Gucci-style eclectism by topping every look with a neat scarf headband (along with earrings, giant sunnies and a neckerchief, of course). While many are heading into the baker-boy hat trend or staying faithful to their berets, it’s the headscarf crew that’s holding our attention right now. Keep reading to see the seven coolest ways to wear a headscarf now, as well as our GIF guide to knotting them well.

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