In Defence of the Grey Tracksuit­—This Guilty Pleasure Just Became Fashionable

I can't count the number of grey sweaters I have in my wardrobe. The reason I have so many? They go with every other colour in my wardrobe, and there's something infinitely versatile about them—you can wear one with anything. It's the jumper I go to if I want to pare back a statement skirt or over-the-top heels. It's dependable when I can't think of anything else to wear. 

However, to paraphrase Patrick Swayze, "No one puts grey in a corner." That's right, it's time for the colour to shine by itself, and in the form of the grey tracksuit. I'll admit it, I was a little bit sceptical at first, but after I spotted Kim Kardashian West and Kourtney Kardashian both wearing the trackie style, I realised we need to embrace the outfit most of us only usually wear hungover. Okay, I hear you say, but how do you wear it in a "fashion" way when you're not a member of the biggest family in showbiz? Well, for starters the top and bottom have to match, but to make yours look extra luxe, just follow the three simple rules…

#1: Always wear white sneakers.

How to Wear a Grey Tracksuit



Style Notes: Clean white sneakers will always make any outfit look smarter. So take a tip from the Kardashians and make sure yours are box fresh. 

#2: The latest sunglasses will add glamour.

How to Wear a Grey Tracksuit


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Style Notes: Gigi Hadid stepped out in this Olivia von Halle cashmere tracksuit a year ago, but we're still invested in this look. It's cool thanks to the addition of the Matrix-style sunnies.

#3: A smart trench or tailored jacket brings the whole look together.

How to Wear a Grey Tracksuit


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Style Notes: Finally, the easiest way to make your grey tracksuit look chic is to add a trench coat or a smart jacket. 

Shop grey tracksuits:

Just make sure you add the H&M Velour Joggers (£18) to the top to make it look like a full outfit. 

The stripe running through these Juicy Couture Striped Track Pants (£275) and top give it a pulled-together look. 

Well, I'm convinced. You?

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