How to Wear a Cape: It's Not as Complicated as You Think

The question of how to wear a cape appears to come around every autumn. No sleeves seems to equal no idea—but as an outerwear trend that never ceases to return on the runways and the streets, there's plenty of proof that the cape is here to stay and that we just need to get our head (torsos?) around it. 

The first problem that can often come to light when wearing a cape is layering: Just what does one wear underneath? And at what time of the year is it most usable? The answer really depends on what style of cape you're looking at. If it's a lightweight blanket-style scarf, just wrap it over your favourite biker jacket on those days where you aren't quite sure where the weather will take you. If you've opted for a thicker, bulkier cape, best to leave it alone and just add a simple knit underneath. Which leads us onto the other main problem: Capes can either swamp you or make you look far bigger than you are. We've got solutions for that too.

Keep reading to see how to style a cape in the most effective ways—plus shop a few of our favourites in- store now.