The Style Evolution of the Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are a hot topic. They rank right up there with polarising accessories like gladiator sandals and clogs, but today we're here to defend this unusual topper! Click through today's slideshow for a brief glance at its style evolution, and if you become smitten with the bucket hat, we've culled a few of our favourites for you to shop.

Bob Denver in 'Gilligan's Island', 1960s

Though admittedly not the first person that comes to mind when you think "style inspiration" (or second, or tenth), but this iconic television character will always be remembered for his goofy personality and more importantly, his floppy bucket hat. A trend is born! 

LL Cool J, 1980s

LL Cool J is one of many, many rap and hip hop stars who popularised the bucket hat (others include Run-D.M.C., Jay-Z, Eminem, and Pharrell). It continues to be worn by prominent members of the music community—giving it an oh-so-hip reputation. 

Britney Spears in 'Crossroads', 2002

A slight detour from the rap and hip hop community's interpretation of the bucket hat, Spears wore the floppy brim topper on more than one occasion—transitioning it seamlessly from the '90s to '00s.

Kenzo S/S 2015

Kenzo's techno tribal print gave the bucket hat a modern update it needed. This piece had all the makings of street style bait.

Rihanna, 2014

A Rihanna-endorsed hat is worth mentioning. We spotted her in the unexpected accessory last year, and her love for the bucket hat doesn't seem to have gone away.

Street Style, 2014

Sigh, the validation of a street style star. Though usually a bit more adventurous than your usual fashion-lover, if you see it on the streets, it's more than likely a trend you'll see again.

Charlotte Gainsbourg, 2015

As we all know by now, the French way of dressing usually requires a level of effortlessness, and nothing screams "I don't really care what you think about my outfit" than Gainsbourg wearing a bucket hat with baggy jeans and white sneakers. Normcore at its finest, eh?

Keep going to shop our favourite bucket hats right now, and be sure to share your thoughts on this unusual piece in the comments below!

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