7 Empowering Ways to Wear the Bra-Top Trend

Wouldn't it be incredible to be truly fearless when it comes to fashion? To have no trend feel too out there or "unwearable"? Alas, we're only human, and regardless of how confident or self-assured you are, chances are, there are a few things that you're sartorially tentative about. (More power to you if this isn't the case.) One item that seems to polarise most is, undoubtedly, the bra top.

Although the bra has been on the style agenda for some time now, it became a bonafide fashion-girl uniform the moment Katie Holmes stepped out wearing her Khaite bra and cardigan combination back in 2019, and it's a trend that's set to continue well into 2021

The big question is, however, how to wear a bra and still look chic. Before you talk yourself out of bra tops for good, we’re here to show you how to do just that—wear your bra with confidence and in the most grown-up of ways. Keep scrolling to see seven suggestions on how to wear a bra and still look polished. 

How to Wear a Bra: @yoyokulala



Style Notes: Follow in Katie Holmes's footsteps and snap up a matching bra and cardigan for a foolproof look that requires little effort on your part. Just add a pair of on-trend chunky boots and spring-ready denim. 

Style Notes: Nights out—remember those? As soon as we can sip on cocktails in a dimly-lit bar, we'll be wearing this faultless outfit to do so. The oversize silhouette of the blazer and trousers helps counteract the exposed feeling of the bra top, making for a seriously slick ensemble in the process. 

Style Notes: Wearing a bra doesn't mean your entire torso has to be on show. Take cues from Claire and try styling your bra over tops and shirting. You're bound to stumble across a look as cool as this. Just be sure to keep your bottom half pared back. 

Style Notes: You can always count on your trusty blue jeans when it comes to styling difficult items, but we think classic denim jeans loan themselves particularly well to the bra-top look, largely because they help the trend feel more casual and effortless. 

Style Notes: Woollen textures are all we want to wear right now to stay cosy, and this works perfectly with the bra-top look. There are so many knitted styles out there to choose from. Pick the silhouette and shape that works for you, and wear it with your favourite chunky cardigan. 

How to Wear a Bra: @femmeblk



Style Notes: If you're a loyal WWW reader, then you'll already know we're fans of tonal dressing—taking one hue and wearing it from top to toe. As such, we plan on replicating Lydia's green bra, knit, and trouser combination as soon as possible. 

Style Notes: If the thought of wearing a bra top on its own proves too daunting, layer a mesh long-sleeve top over it and tuck it into a pair of jeans instead. That way, you still get the full effect of the bra look while the transparent top provides the feeling of more coverage. 

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