The 9 Most Grown-Up Ways to Wear a Bodysuit

Although the bodysuit has become a staple piece sold on almost every website we can think of, there still can be some hesitation on exactly how to wear one of these bodies. When are they useful? And when are they just an inconvenience? Bodysuits and layers, for example, are not bedfellows when it comes to festival season or an all-night party. They are good pals to workwear, great for a casual look you want to streamline and even better for when you want to tap into the "naked" dress or skirt trend that never seems to lose its potency in fashion circles. Dior and Miu Miu have used bodysuits galore for their spring/summer 2018 line-ups, so even if you're new to the concept, this one has legs.

Celebrities were early re-adopters of the '90s basic, and we know from Net-a-Porter that the newer, more comfortable designs from the likes of Body Editions never stay available for long. Now that they've been popular for a few seasons, we've been able to gather a sufficient amount of A-list proof to show you multiple easy ways you can pair your slim-fit body with the right bottoms. Keep reading to see the bodysuit looks that work—and shop the pieces to complete them.

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