The Really Old Outfit Everyone's Suddenly Into Again

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the style set lately, then you’ll know that there’s one very noticeable outfit that's made its way back into the spotlight; according to the best dressed influencers, the blazer and jean combo is back. Now, you could argue that it never really went away, after all, its so easy and requires minimal thinking styling-wise, but this go-to look shows no sign of slowing any time soon and we're celebrating by sharing some new outfit inspiration, just in time for spring.

So, what’s new? For a start, designers have moved on from traditional grey checked blazers, and now we’re seeing vivid shades, punchy plaids and classic corduroy in their place. For denim, it seems that loose-fit, high-rise styles perfectly compliment those tailored separates. Sound good? Scroll below to see (and shop) 6 new ways to wear blazers and jeans this week.

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