I Wear Blazers Every Day—These Are the Only 4 Ways I Wear Them

I wear a blazer almost every day. Not because I work in a corporate environment, but because I like simple outfits that require little thought and mean I can get ready in less than 15 minutes. Yes, I'm the laziest fashion editor when it comes to getting dressed. There are four outfits I rely on the most and allow me to spend more time in bed pressing snooze.

Blazers are the things that take up the most space in my wardrobe, so I have a collection of linen, wool and cord jackets in checked prints, bold and neutral colours. But any style—whatever the fabric, colour or print—will work with the following four outfits. So if you own one blazer, none of these outfits will be off-limits. Keep scrolling to see the four ways I wear blazers every day.

1. With Jeans and a T-Shirt

The outfit I wear the most is a blazer (in any print or colour) paired with straight-leg jeans and a T-shirt. 

2. With a Slip Skirt

Another throw-on outfit I always turn to when I've overslept is a midi or maxi skirt paired with a blazer and a T-shirt or jumper.

3. With Matching Trousers and Strappy Black Shoes

For days when I want to look smarter, I pair my checked jackets with matching trousers. This is actually the laziest outfit I have, as it requires no thought.

4. With a Midi Dress and Trainers


Emma Spedding

In summer, I swap my jeans-and-blazer uniform for this one: a midi dress paired with an oversized blazer and white trainers.

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