It's Official: These Are the Most Versatile Jeans in History

Quick question: Do you know how to wear a pair of Levi's 501 jeans? This isn't a trick. The reason we ask is because the iconic denim, invented in the late 1800s, is a real staple for any jean lover's wardrobe, but they can be particularly troublesome to style. They're not skinny (at least the original 501 iterations aren't), they're often in a washed-out colour, and they are high-waisted. So what do you wear with them to ensure they look fresh and updated, and not like you're doing some kind of throwback look?

As usual, we turn to the biggest street style stars to see how they have worn theirs. From boots and boxy jackets to oversize shirts as well as tucked-in graphic tees, we've realised that these jeans can be styled with a variety of pieces and therefore are the most versatile around. The beauty about them is that they're at once recognisable and also so simple that you can wear pretty much anything with them. For a good guide on how to style yours, we've found 11 chic looks to give you inspo.

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