Here’s Why I Won’t Go to the Dry Cleaner Anymore

I have a confession to make: I just recently learned how to properly care for my clothes. Embarrassing, I know, but after years of “Oops, this shrank,” and “Hmm… Is that a bleach stain?” I essentially gave up on laundering anything more precious than gym clothes. The dry cleaner became my best frienduntil I did the math and realized how much I was spending (not a fun discovery).

So out of financial necessity and sheer determination to actually adult, I decided to learn how to properly care for each and every fabric in my closet. With research, some help from Mom, the right LG laundry products, and, admittedly, trial and error, I can finally say I’m capable of caring for all my own clothes. Here’s your definitive guide on how to wash (or sometimes steam) every item in your summer wardrobe.