How You SHOULD Be Walking In Heels, According to a Man

Some women who have a running list of subjects men should not have an opinion on. These topics often include heavier subjects like childbirth or reproductive rights—things that men can never experience firsthad. But even something as seemingly innocuous as a stance on the "right way" to wear heels might be off-limits for guys.

Well, far be it from us to assert that a man can't speak at all about these things—and that's just what well-known etiquette expert William Hanson has done. He talked to the Daily Mail about all the things women are doing wrong when it comes to their footwear (h/t to StyleCaster for finding this gem). And apparently, there are a lot of things we're doing wrong.

For example: "Clench your bottom, tip your pelvis slightly up and let your hips take you forward," Hanson says of the correct way to walk in heels. "Your waist plays no part in all this, it just remains straight and motionless."

"Push your weight through the pelvis," he continues. "Your ankle gets lifted up, knee bent and then straighten onto the floor. A traditional walk is heel-toe, and whilst in heels this is still true, it shouldn’t be as pronounced as when in flat shoes."

Exactly how Hanson knows the anatomically correct way for women to walk in heels, we have no idea. But there you have it! Head to the Daily Mail to read more of his tips.

What do you think of Hanson's thoughts on the way women should walk in heels? Tell us in the comments below!

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