#StyleHack: 3 Easy Tricks to Untangle Necklaces

Tangled necklaces are a fact of every fashion girl’s life, but after one particularly frustrating knotted necklace fiasco, we decided it’s time to explore a few solutions. Here are our top three tips for setting your necklaces straight.

Tip 1: Apply baby oil ($2) to the knot with a cotton swab. This will make the chains slippery, and allow the knot to undo itself easier when you pull on the chain.

Tip 2: Insert a straight pin into the center of the knot, and pull up to separate the chains that your fingers can’t reach.

Tip 3: Sprinkle baby powder ($1) on the knot, which will act as a lubricant to make the chains easier to pull apart.

Now that you know how to tackle even the toughest of tangles, pin the below image for future reference, and scroll down to treat yourself to a new Who What Wear-approved necklace!