Every Way to Tuck In Your Shirt (the Real-Life Demo)

Look at any fashion girl’s outfit and you won't see a blouse or T-shirt just hanging down normally, but rather tucked in, and in a cool, styled way. If you’ve spotted this look but haven’t quite figured out how to tuck in your top correctly, we’re here to help.

Keep scrolling to check out every way to tuck tuck in your shirt—through our real, editor-approved demos. Plus, scoll a bit more to shop some of our favourite tops of the moment.

The Side T-Shirt Tuck


Jenna Peffley

1. Grab the bottom of one side of your tee (try from the fly to the end of one of your pockets).

2. Roll that portion of the tee up to your waistline.

3. Tuck that portion into your pants.

4. Pull it out just a smidgen for that perfectly undone tee look.

The Half-Tuck


Jenna Peffley

1. Unbutton the bottom button of your blouse.

2. Pinch the top part of the shirt and halfway down to the bottom of the shirt.

3. Fold that section into your jeans.

4. Pull out just a little portion to create that billowy feel.

The All-Around Tuck


Jenna Peffley

1. Start with your shirt untucked.

2. Tightly tuck the shirt all the way around.

3. When complete, lift your arms just slightly so the shirt comes out a bit for a natural-looking tuck.

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What do you think of these tips? How do you like to tuck in your shirts? Let us know in the comments below!