Train a Cowlick

There are pros and cons to semi-dirty hair being "in." On the plus side, you can sleep in a little later. The market is flooded with dry shampoos--which means it doesn't have to look dirty (or, conversely, you can score dirty texture with clean hair), and dirty hair is easier to manipulate if you're looking to build a bun or curl your naturally-straight locks. On the downside? Cowlicks. More than one editor in the Who What Wear offices struggles with the morning-after cowlick, waking up with a near-perfect part and those soft surfer waves, all of which is hijacked by one piece of hair that won't lie flat. We went in search of a solution."There are ways to tame them!" That's the good news from hairstylist Luke Chamberlain. The man works on his fair share of celebs--Kate Bosworth, Mindy Kaling--but is armed with tips for those of us not necessarily in need of red carpet 'dos. "When attempting to fix a cowlick remember that it's all in the root," Chamberlain says. Step one, he says, is making sure the hair on the cowlick is drenched. "This often requires re-wetting as the root is the first to dry," he says. Work in a lightweight product like Living Proof Prime Style Extender ($20) for hold and use a fine-toothed comb, like Conair's Barber Comb ($3), to blow dry the cowlick in the direction you want it to go. "Make sure the blow-dryer is positioned flat along the hair shaft."

"Once the hair is dry," Chamberlain says, "immediately clip it flat to the head and allow to cool." Use a Hair Bungee ($13) or bobby pins to secure the hair. Depending on how severe your cowlick is, repeatedly doing just these two steps can eventually train it to grow in a different direction.

If you've done all that work and want your style to last another day--or are serious about training the growth pattern--try using Beauty Mark Professional Hair Styling Tape ($5) overnight. It's more comfortable than bobby pins and doesn't leave an impression on your locks. Execute Chamberlain's first two steps (or, if you can't be bothered, just comb your hair back over the cowlick) and tape your hair down. Pull the tape off when you wake up and shake out those waves!