3 Easy Ways to Host a Stylish Girls' Night in

It’s crazy how hard it can be to catch up with your friends—even when you live in the same city! Schedules fill up or work gets in the way, and the next thing you know, it’s been months since you’ve been able to hang. Is it really so hard to ask for an easy night in with your best pal? It shouldn’t be! And when you do get the time on the calendar, you need to make it count, which is exactly what Claire Thomas of The Kitchy Kitchen did. She invited her sister over for their usual “sweatpants and reality TV affair,” but with an elevated twist. Chandon sparkling wine and popcorn, anyone? 

Scroll down for Thomas’s tips on hosting a stylish night in with Chandon. 

“You wouldn’t expect sparkling wine and popcorn to be the perfect pairing, but the high/low balance is on point. Chandon has a dry crispness and citrus punch that’s a great counterpoint to popcorn’s butter and salt,” explains Thomas.

Just because you’re hosting a night in doesn’t mean you can’t elevate your basics. “A breezy white T-shirt and my favourite joggers (which are actually pajama bottoms) make it look like I put more effort into my outfit than I actually did,” says Claire. “I added my go-to lazy-girl shoes, velvet house slippers, because for a casual catch-up, heels aren’t necessary.” 

“The key to making a casual hang-out feel a bit more purposeful is in the details. Don’t pour any bottle of wine; pour sparkling wine. Don’t serve plain popcorn; dress it up a bit with pink food colouring, rainbow sprinkles, and of course you have to have a hint of gold somewhere, so why not add gold sprinkles too?” says Thomas.

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