Like Thrifting? 5 Easy Ways to Do It Better

Thrifting: It's one of the only ways to shop that is equally as challenging as it is exciting. It can sometimes seem impossible to find quality pieces, but then when you come across those treasures, the feeling of absolute elation is immeasurable. 

To help navigate the tough world of thrifting, we enlisted the help of our resident celebrity stylists, Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, who shared their tips for successful thrifting. It goes way beyond reading labels and knowing acceptable price points, too.

Keep scrolling for five easy ways to take your thrifting game to the next level!


If the silhouette fits you well but the length is off, take it to the tailor and make it your own! A men's trouser can be cropped and rolled, and a long dress can become a cocktail frock. You can also nip in a waist, pull in a shoulder width, or mend small rips and holes. A tailor can work miracles!

You have to actually touch and feel to find quality fabrics. A nice cashmere, silk, or satin should stand the test of time and often looks better with age.

Sometimes it's the small things that make a garment charming and worth it. Special buttons, stitching, or embroidery can add that emotional appeal to an otherwise normal piece.

Unless they can be taken off with some expert tailoring, don't invest in something that simply looks unclean. Small holes on casual garments like denims and tees can, however, add character!

If a garment catches your eye, and you feel it's something you would otherwise find at an upscale boutique for much more money, get it! Of all places to splurge, a thrift store is the place.

Have you found awesome pieces while thrifting? Tell us your stories in the comments below!