3 Telltale Signs a Fashion Trend Is Out of Style

Ever wonder how to tell when a fashion trend is on its way out? To answer this burning question, we reached out to Melissa Moylan, creative director of womenswear at Fashion Snoops, for expert trend forecasting advice. Thanks to Moylan’s experienced and well-trained eye, she has the ability to identify if a particular trend will take off, become a wardrobe staple, or quickly fade. Though trend life cycles tend to vary, she highlighted three major signs that identify the span and level of a trend.

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“One of my favourite things about fashion forecasting is the fact that we constantly have our eyes open to all market levels. We forecast trends, see them at inception, follow them on the rise to peak acceptance, decline, and finally mass levels. The reason behind why we address trends at all these levels is because every brand and retailer adapts trends at a different point. What's in on runways may not be in stores yet, though some trends exist at all market levels, and yet others appear only in stores—usually signalling that a trend is on the way out.” — Melissa Moylan, creative director of womenswear at Fashion Snoops

“Of course we can't talk about trends without mentioning high-street retailers like Zara, H&M, and Forever 21. Vertical integration at these retailers means that they are selling knockoffs faster than the 'inspired-by' designer looks arrive in-store. Fast retailers have a major advantage over contemporary brands because they have speed, quantity, and the ability to test out a new trend before fully committing. In comparison, most contemporary women's brands are dealing with less quantity, making it more risky to adopt new styles. That's why brands and retailers prefer to see a trend confirmed elsewhere, so that they know it will perform on a commercial level.” — Melissa Moylan, creative director of womenswear at Fashion Snoops

“A celebrity or blogger appearance is gold, and typically results in high sellout rates immediately after the item is featured. The public wants to shop what they see, and fast-fashion retailers allow them to access trends faster than ever before. Trends are accessible almost as they are created, and this in turn speeds up the life cycle of a trend.” — Melissa Moylan, creative director of womenswear at Fashion Snoops

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