A Top Blogger's Tricks for Taking Great Photos With Your Phone

It goes without saying that when Aimee Song of Song of Style dishes out photo advice, we listen. One look at her site, and you can easily see why she’s among the most successful fashion bloggers today. Her expertly styled, photographed, and curated snaps are the envy (and inspiration) of girls everywhere. That’s why, when we came across this post where she shares her tips for taking great photos on a cell phone, we had to share them with you! 

According to Song, it’s all about the lighting and background. What does this mean? If the sun is strong and there are harsh shadows, take your photos against a simple wall, whether it’s brightly coloured or neutral. If you’re taking a photo during the “golden hour” (that time around 5 p.m. when everything gets soft, hazy, and beautiful), you’ll get fewer or no shadows, so you can take advantage of cool and interesting backgrounds. Lastly, if you’re looking to showcase something (like your amazing style), opt for a simple background like the brick wall the Song sisters chose below.

Scroll through to see Aimee Song’s tips put into action, and be sure to check out the full post here, on her blog!