This Is the Worst Thing You Can Do to Your Clothing (Seriously)

So what’s the worst possible thing you could do to your clothing? InStyle asked decorator and founder of CASA & Company Sabrina Soto, and here’s what the pro-organiser had to say: “Jamming too much stuff in your closet.” I know I’m guilty of this—which, in the end, only leads to a longer outfit-planning process in the morning, not to mention a lot of wrinkled clothes. The full story, featured in this month’s issue, touches on organizational tips and how to avoid an overwhelming wardrobe. So how does one avoid this over-stuffed situation? We suggest editing down your selection of hanging clothes and investing in thin hangers—they allow for 25 per cent more space!

Read our seven signs it’s time to clean out your closet to see if your wardrobe needs a cleanse, and scroll down for the inspiration you need to kick-start your spring-cleaning process! 

What do YOU think is the worst thing you can do to your clothing? Let us know in the comments below!