The Art of the Mirror Selfie in 7 Easy Steps

Mirror selfies were pretty much invented by fashion girls. Back in the early days of camera phones and social media, bloggers who wanted to show off their entire outfits would cleverly bypass the awkwardness of stretching your arm out (let’s not forget front-facing cameras weren’t a thing back then) by finding the first reflective surface in their home. It’s genius, really—and mirror selfies have stuck around ever since.

So what’s so good about them? Firstly, they’re the best way to show off your new favourite dress/top/ensemble. Granted, having an Instagram husband/friend is ideal, but not everyone has that luxury, and what if they’re off sick? Plus, have you ever asked someone to take a picture of your outfit and hated every single one but you simply could not bring yourself to ask them to take another? We’ve all been there. With mirror selfies, you have full control, even if that means spending so long in front of the mirror your legs start aching. What’s more, face selfies are not everyone’s vibe, and some even loathe the thought of them. Mirror pics provide a nice middle ground for selfie-phobes who still want to get in on the Insta action.

With all of this in mind, we’ve rounded up the top tips for taking mirror selfies, illustrated by some of the best in business showing us how it’s done. Free up some storage and keep scrolling to know how to do it right.