The Small Layering Trick That Makes a Big Difference

When it gets cold, and we mean, really cold, there’s a clever layering trick that fashion pros have been relying upon to stay toasty and maximise their style credits. Although it’s a small idea, pulling it off to perfection is not simply thus! Double up a natty jacket with a luxe coat, because shivering isn’t a chic look. 

While most stylists and fashion editors would go trad and just wear a coat over a trusty jacket, some street style pin-ups have been shoulder-robing their top layer. Which fashion tribe will you join? What’s more, will you coordinate your two winter layers or play a chic game of contrasts? We research the best jacket-plus-coat street style moments to help you decide.

Scroll down to see how to pull off this wintry fashion twist; plus, shop the coolest jacket and coat combinations out now.

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