The Trending Winter Accessory With Surprising Style Mileage

We love it when a winter key piece transitions seamlessly into fashion's new season atmosphere and ticks practical boxes along the way. Right on cue to this sentiment is the furry scarf, or stole, if you so please. According to The Times, searches for fur stoles are up 200 percent on this time last year. We just can't get enough of the glamour, so it seems.

When Giorgia Tordini hit the FROW at Milan's Men's Fashion Week, her outfit was utter perfection thanks to the addition of a well-placed furry scarf looped around her neck bringing out the muted accents in her outfit. Her snap hit the street style photo wires for less than 10 minutes and tomorrow's outfit had been forward-planned, incorporating this clever little accessory. 

The furry, cosy scarf is the all-important layering essential for winter, but we think it'll add that vital layer of warmth to our biker jackets when the weather does that in-between thing. Us Brits have to be prepped for March and April's dramatic extremes: It'll be snow one day, then the next day, London's thermometer rises higher than Milan's. In a word: confusing. In reality, it's very hard to get dressed with conviction. Best be prepared the chic way and keep your furry stoles to hand, or, better still, stockpile on more of the smartest accessory ever.

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