So It Turns Out We All Need a £4 T-Shirt…

We bet you already have a white T-shirt in your closet, but if not, it's worth the £4 investment. Not only is the basic an off-duty weekend essential, but it can also be worn in some seriously stylish ways. We looked to some cool fashion girls for inspiration on how to wear the white T-shirt. Their outfit pairings revolve around the affordable wardrobe staple but go far beyond the standard jeans and tee formula.

Gilda Ambrosio wore hers underneath a silk wrap blouse with a patent skirt—a cool layering trick to elevate a simple T-shirt. And Diletta Bonaiuti paired hers with a bold pair of wide-leg trousers—a stealthy trick for keeping the focus on a statement piece. While some of their tops might not be the Hanes version, all you need to spend to get the look is £4.

Keep reading to see five fashion-forward looks that are built around a simple white T-shirt, and shop the pieces you need to re-create each outfit.