These 4 Outfits Show That a Slip Dress Can Be Surprisingly Easy to Style

You'd be forgiven for assuming the most-searched-for fashion questions this week would be something like "Can you wear a bikini on the Central line?" or "Can polyester melt?" Us Brits love nothing more than moaning and then moaning some more about the weather. But our friends at Google just shared with us what people are actually searching for this week in the UK, and this list of most-searched-for style questions doesn't include the word "sweat" once. Among the list of popular style questions is "how to style a slip dress."

Slip dresses can sometimes seem like a daunting item to style—they can be a little flimsy and clingy, and that's before you start thinking about the shoes and jackets to wear with them. But there are actually four ways to style slip dresses that are really simple yet impactful. The worry with slip dresses is that they can easily veer into nightgown territory, however, these four outfits ensure you won't look like you forgot to get dressed. Keep scrolling to see—and shop—the easiest ways to style a slip dress.

1. Slip Dress + Pumps + Gold Jewelley

How to wear a slip dress: Lucy Williams in tie dye


Lucy Williams

Style Notes: When wearing a printed slip dress, sometimes it pays to keep the rest super simple.

2. Slip Dress + Basket Bag + Chunky Sandals + Anklet

How to wear a slip dress: basket bag and Chanel dad sandals



Style Notes: This outfit is a summer 2019 go-to uniform—pair an ankle-skimming slip dress with a basket bag and chunky sandals.

3. Slip Dress + White T-Shirt + White Sandals

How to style a slip dress: pink slip worn over a white T-shirt


Nicole Ocran

Style Notes: Sometimes spaghetti straps can feel a little exposing, and so for days when you want your shoulders covered, style your slip over a simple white T-shirt. Finish off the look with white sandals, to blend the separate pieces together.

4. Slip Dress + Jacket + Tonal Shoes

How to wear a slip dress: Nnennaechem



Style Notes: When styling a slip dress, it helps to settle on one colour and run with it. You don't have to stick to the exact same shades either—here the mix of sage, lime and apple green all blend together surprisingly well. 

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