6 Grown-Up Ways to Wear a Baseball Cap

Hats are pretty divisive. Every year, fashion flirts with a specific hat style; it crops up on our Instagram feeds, with insiders seemingly embracing them with open arms. But in reality? They generally don't boast broad appeal. It's very seldom that we see someone at the park wearing a straw hat three feet in diameter, after all. This year, however, there's one hat that's made the transition from the social media ether to real, everyday life—the humble baseball cap.

Baseball caps started gaining traction last year when designers like Salvatore Ferragamo, Stella McCartney, and Tom Ford showcased them on the runway for the first time since, well, we can't even remember. Editors and influencers soon got the memo and began wearing baseball caps with everything from pared-back tracksuits to floral dresses. Now, whenever I leave the house (which, admittedly, is still somewhat seldom), baseball caps are more prevalent than ever—and not merely as a solution to disguise root regrowth.

Put simply; baseball caps are cool. They manage to make everything you wear look effortless; the right one can even elevate the entire feel of your outfit. Chances are you already own one, but you might be unsure how to wear it. If so, we've found six prime examples of how to style a baseball cap that are sure to inspire. Scroll below to see them, then shop the pieces you need to re-create the cap-centric looks down to a T.


How to wear a baseball cap: @_jessicaskye



Style Notes: '90s-inspired trends are rife right now. Make like Jessica and tick off two in one with a baseball cap and a pair of platform flip-flops

How to wear a baseball cap: @sylviemus_



Style Notes: For most of us, the idea of stepping out without a coat is out of the question right now, so bring your outerwear up-to-date with a baseball cap and wide-leg jeans. 


Style Notes: We're big fans of wearing one colour top-to-toe, and Chrystelle's white ensemble, complete with baseball cap, is the ultimate example of how to do so. 


Style Notes: Give your tailoring a downtime spin with the addition of a baseball cap, just like Tanice. 

How to wear a baseball cap: @dawn.tan



Style Notes: Dawn's combination of a short tracksuit, chunky trainers, and a baseball cap has serious Princess Diana vibes about it. Which, of course, is a compliment. 


Style Notes: That's right—baseball hats go hand-in-hand with your beloved leggings, too. Match it to the colour of your coat or jacket for a pulled-togetehr finish.