The Easy Hack to Keep Your Shoes From Squeaking

Squeaky shoes are officially the worst, but before you even consider throwing them away, we have a fail-safe hack that will prevent your favourite heels, flats and sneakers from sounding like Donald Duck. While your shoes making noises isn't exactly as bad as them rubbing the back of your heels or pinching your toes, when footwear squeaks, it can be, erm, a little embarrassing.

But what's causing the irksome noise? It's actually created by sections of the shoe rubbing against each other. To fix the issue, simply lift the inner sole of the shoe and sprinkle baby powder (We like Johnson's Baby Powder, £1, a true classic!) underneath. If the sole is not removable, sprinkle the powder at the edges of the inner sole. 

How to shop your shoes from squeaking


The Style Stalker

Here's how it works: the baby powder makes the seams of the shoe slightly more slippery, so they can rub against each other more smoothly sans any sound. And finally, if you're still finding that your shoes are making noise, dust some powder on the bottom of your shoe (but only lightly; you don't want to ruin them).

Now that you know how to stop your shoes from squeaking, shop our gallery to treat yourself to a new pair.

Ideal for when you're not quite ready for sandals but don't want to wear ankle boots any longer.

Our love for sneakers is still going strong.

Attico is still winning when it comes to creating gorgeous heels. 

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