How to Make Your Legs Look Slim Every Time

One of the best ways to make your legs look longer and leaner is to find your most flattering hemline. A skirt or dress that hits at the right length can help create a slimmer look, and conversely, a hemline that ends at the wrong length can make your legs look less shapely than they are. So what is the perfect hemline for your height? Mathematician Lily Serna claims to have found a way to calculate your most flattering hemline.

Her concept is based around the Golden Ratio, a proportion believed since ancient times to be aesthetically pleasing. The proportion is found in nature (including your body, which we all know is a thing of beauty!), and artists and architects have used it for centuries. Things that utilise the Golden Ratio are considered beautiful, as they are visually balanced and perfectly proportioned. Serna applied this theory to her formula that solves for the perfect hemline for your height.

While it may sound complicated, it actually only takes a couple of easy steps to complete the equation to find your Golden Number, or the most flattering hemline measurement from your shoulder to the end of a skirt, dress, or shorts. Once you know the specific number that’s most flattering for your legs, you can shop for future purchases that hit that hemline, or take that information to the tailor to have a piece you already own altered to your most flattering fit.

Scroll down to learn the simple formula and shop skirts of every length!