This Week We Learnt the Classy Way to Expose Your Bra

You know, and we know, that Elle Macpherson knows lingerie. Not only has she built a career on being "The Body," which involves often being partially clad, she also has an innate sense of what can make the most of any other butt-naked girl in the world, such is her involvement in the meteoric rise of her namesake lingerie label, Elle Macpherson Body.

You know, and we know, that everyone is also obsessed with their own undies—whether embarrassed or super proud, we think about them a lot. As Elle says, "I find lingerie can change my silhouette—it also enhances the way I feel and move and the way my body looks under clothes. Proper-fitting lingerie is key."

Not only is it key for any capsule wardrobe, but it's trending right now too. With the autumn runways showcasing a variety of lingerie- and boudoir-inspired looks for the new season, countless backless pieces filtering into stores, and a summer that's been chock-full of underboob-exposing celebrities, if nothing else, it's hard to know how far one can take the idea while remaining cool and casual.

So we went to the oracle to get some answers. "Exposing a hint (or sometimes more) of your bra can change the appeal of your outfit entirely, it adds a modern, bold confidence that can be as understated or over-exaggerated as you like," Elle explains. "I love building lingerie into my outfit just as much as other pieces, and this can add a very sexy angle. The Wild Triangle bra is finished with a soft eyelash lace, which looks beautiful when you catch a glimpse peeking from beneath a T-shirt or shirt."

And there's good news for all of those back-baring shirts, dresses and jumpers you've been stockpiling and not wearing for fear of inappropriately revealing your undergarments. "I love backless pieces that are worn without anything underneath—however, when I designed Elle Macpherson Body, I focused on making the back detail just as interesting as the front, as this design detail is often overlooked. Straps can enhance a backless outfit. The Net Triangle Bra, for example, has double-strap detailing, which frames the back beautifully."

So there you have it—feel free to make a point of exposing your bra in backless pieces. It's the 2017 version of the Carrie Bradshaw bra-strap styling move, don't you think?

Next up, the best bras according to shopping statistics.

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