A Clever French Girl's Guide to Shopping at Zara

How to shop Zara like French women is something we ask more often than you might imagine. Why? Well, the French are notoriously a little bit snobby about the high street, but, of the chic Parisian women we know, they are all still partial to un petit peu of Zara. Ergo, if they deem it of a quality good enough for their concise capsule wardrobes, then there must be a very French way to sift the wheat from chaff and zone in on the most sophisticated things our favourite shop has to over—without getting distracted by impulsive buy-buy-buy urges on the way. 

Parisian women always look for items with longevity and seek out classics, so we grilled our favourite French blogger, Aria Di Bari, because she not only specialises in uncovering the most deluxe pieces on the high street, but she's a Zara advocate on her site—often cherry-picking the must-haves before they've become so. 

Read on to get her top tips for how to shop at Zara like a French girl, and you can pick up a few of her key buys, too.