I'm 30-Something, and This Is How I Shop Zara

Zara for me (and probably most Who What Wear readers) has always been one of my go-to high-street stores. Of course it's known for tapping into designer trends like no other, but it's also become a store that actually sets the visual agenda too—you'll find Zara starting some of its own trends these days rather than copying others.

The Spanish fashion megastore never fails to make pieces that cost £30 look like they cost £300 on its online store, and it updates its stock constantly to keep fashion fans happy. This last reason (and the fact that there are some cheaper, younger pieces mixed in with everything else) can also make it hard to navigate when you're past the point of wanting to shop in a busy store for hours on end.

So with new-in pieces landing daily and a grown-up wardrobe to maintain, how do I decide what to spend my hard-earned cash on? I've been doing some Zara research for you—follow my handy guide to scooping up the best pieces, or save time by copying and pasting my wish list below.