The 4 Golden Rules of Shopping at Urban Outfitters

We like to think of ourselves as being pretty well-versed in all things online shopping. Considering we spend a good part of our day traipsing new-in sections looking for the latest must-haves (for professional purposes, naturally), our brains are like an intricate fashion filing system. Sometimes it can help us spot a new trend that's coming to fruition or a celebrity wearing something we swear we saw at H&M two weeks ago.

This retail back catalogue has certainly served us well, but in an attempt to remain at the top of our game, we've taken it upon ourselves to ask some of our shopping buddies for tips on how they find the best pieces on their favourite websites. Alex Steadman of The Frugality previously took time to show us the ropes over at Now we've set our sights on Urban Outfitters, and Hannah Crosskey from A Fashion Fix is graciously offering to serve as our guide.

From It dresses to vintage Levi's, keep scrolling to discover our expert tips on how to shop Urban Outfitters like a pro.

Now that we're familiar with Urban Outfitters' latest additions, let's see what other shops have in their new-in sections this week…