The 5 Golden Rules of Shopping at TK Maxx

I have to admit that if ever I'm shopping with friends, and TK Maxx is suggested as the next place to go to, all I want to do is run away, and get a coffee or look through Instagram, rather than the rails in question. While I know you can find amazing designer bargains, I don't know where to begin when faced with such an onslaught of jumbled, well, stuff. So I turned to a number of TK Maxx superfans to find their tried-and-tested tricks—they're kind of people who manage to uncover the best pieces time and again, without any drama, so it must be doable. Right?

Scroll below to see the five golden rules for finding the best designer reductions and how to successfully shop at TK Maxx.

1. Go to out-of-town retail parks

These tend to be less picked-over than the stores in city centres, so you can find a much better selection of designer pieces. Asides from fashion, these branches also have a better selection of furniture and larger items, as people will be more likely to park outside these shops.

2. Look through all sizes, and have pieces tailored

TK Maxx's rails are ordered by size, but that doesn't mean you have to stick to your size. If you find an amazing designer buy, you can consider having it tailored to fit. This works best with buying a bigger size—sometimes the seam allowance on smaller items can make this trick risky.

3. Don't just look for designer pieces

While we all hope to find a Versace dress or a Lanvin skirt (labels that fall in the Gold Label section), don't overlook the lesser-known brands or in-house pieces.

4. Regularly visit this section online

If you are looking for designer bargains, regularly check TK Maxx's Gold Label section online, which can include reductions on pieces from See by Chloé, Versace, Lanvin, Jil Sander, Kenzo, Dior and more.

5. Apply your usual sales shopping rules

When shopping at TK Maxx, we find it helpful to apply your usual sales shopping tactics. The pieces tend to all be several seasons old, so look for classic investment pieces rather than trend-led items. Amy Lawrence, the editorial director of Byrdie, tells us: "I always look on TK Maxx's website for designer sunglasses—I've picked up a cheap Chloé pair there before. Also, I don't always like to have the It sunglasses of the season anyway."

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