How to Shop the Black Friday Sales Like a Fashion Pro

Is the thought of this week's major discount extravaganza making you feel slightly antsy? You’re not alone. Christmas is still a month away, yet we’re told that the optimum time to shop! shop! shop! is almost here. The thought of huge, exciting cuts with no shopping list to back it up is slightly terrifying—not to mention enough to give us the biggest case of FOMO of 2017.

Which is why it’s time to get our heads out of the sand, find out what’s top of every expert's wish list and get planning our Black Friday assault with military precision. It’s really not that hard when you know how. We’ve tapped up the experts for some sound tips and advice for not getting distracted and how to gift others—and perhaps ourselves—with cut-price success this November.

Keep reading to get some expert advice on how to shop the Black Friday sales.

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Opening Images: Style du Monde.